Monday, December 11, 2017

long monday

today was a long one as to be expected.

a couple of hiccups along the way, as to be expected.

bloodwork went as expected. but when we met with the trial team, they told me i had to continue to fast until after my infusion was going. so i didn't get to eat until 12:30 which isn't a huge deal, but i was so hungry by the time that i could eat.

in total, two rounds of bloodwork from my port, two rounds of ekgs, one nivo infusion, one iron infusion, one round of oral meds, waiting for test results, four rounds of vitals, lot of warm blankets, and when all was said and done - we were there for about 7.5 hours by the time we walked out the doors. 

we talked with my counselor for an hour, and i am not going to go into what we talked about (at least not yet anyways), but i can tell you that it was a tear filled hour. it was emotionally exhausting but good at the same time. good in that i said some words that i haven't been able to say yet, and she gave us some good ideas of things to talk about and think about as we move forward. let's all keep our fingers crossed that this counselor doesn't move on me, or i might have to stalk her and go where she goes. for reals. but not in a scary way;)

i fell asleep on the way home. sat on the couch next to my mom when i got home, fell asleep again, and laid down with my legs across her like i did when i was a kid. i was lights out.

up for the rest of the evening as i have to take  my second round of meds at 10:30pm since i took my first round so late in the day. brutal at this point as i am so tired. but it is what it is.

at the same time i was getting my infusion, my friends michael and jennifer were we at UW as she is having her latest round of scans to see what the cancer is doing. hopefully it is doing nothing and shrinking or at least not growing. they get their results on friday. please send your love and prayers and mojo to them all week as we need those results to be what they want them to be on friday. thank you (insert big heart emoji here).

well, i am off to eat now so that i can take my meds. 

thanks for all of the support and good thoughts ---- and thank you especially for sending them to michael and jennifer. 

anywhere i fight, you fight - and today we put in one hell of a round. you can tell by those kick ass gloves that we weren't messing around. xoxo

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