Monday, September 18, 2017

round 12 is in the books

round 12.

in the books.

bloodwork looked good so all systems were go.

met with my psychiatrist for an hour, thank goodness for her, she doesn't make me feel like i am totally losing my mind and the baby steps i am taking (which seem like bigfoot steps to me) are helping to slowly start to deal with the anxiety. i like her, she makes me realize that i am starting to find some coping mechanisms that i would never realize on my own.

this time i was so tired that i slept every chance i got this morning. normally i would work through treatment and the waiting times in between appointments. not today. i was lights out every chance i got and and then barrett and i headed for some lunch and then to work for a couple of hours to round out the day.

on saturday night i could barely keep my eyes open around 6, we had a busy day. so i told barrett i was going to lay down for about half an hour and to come and get me up. next thing i know it was 8am sunday (he had come up and then i went right back to sleep). i slept straight through the night which apparently i needed.

but in the morning when i woke i had some major anxiety because i felt like there things that i should have got done saturday night. but i was able to shake that off after i just calmed myself down a little and my meds started to kick in.

i hope that your weeks are all to great starts. this one is going to be a long one for this kid with work, so off to zzzzzzzzzzzzz i go.

anywhere i fight, you fight.

and this year has sure been a hell of a fight with myself and with the tumors.


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