Wednesday, September 13, 2017

kick up the mojo between 9 and 11am

ok, kick up all your good mojo tomorrow between 9-11 because that is when beth goes in for her scans. which we all know are going to be totally clear, right? right.

thanks for all of the love, mojo and prayers, i know that she really appreciates it.

here is how she is feeling tonight in her own words, it is her own story  to tell after all....

love you beth, you have got this, these scans will be clear, and you will keep on fighting.


Journal entry by Beth Peterson
Well they are here already.  Tomorrow morning are the scans. I go in at 9:40 to drink contrast and get my labs, scans at 10:40.  I remember from last time that having scans at SCCA was nicer than at UW Medical Center, less crowded and chaotic.   A little place to recover after with snacks.

I am glad my parents are here. They got in last night.  We played a bit this afternoon but now the realness sets in.  What they are really here for. 

I have been sleeping ok with help...but not as great recently.  I am nervous and anxious but it is different than last time. If I really stop to think about what the results mean it terrifies me.  Because each time I go in it can impact my future.  And I keep thinking about how this doesn't End for me. I will be scanned for a long time.  No matter what they find.  So my hope and prayers are for no growth and in fact shrinkage of those spots.

I will let you know how tomorrow goes. Thank you for your love, support and prayers. 

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