Monday, September 19, 2016

round 2 in the books

round 2 is in the books.

though my bloodwork appointment was at 8am, they didn't call me back until 9am so the day was off to a long wait.

when they prepped the port for the needle and bloodwork, my chest was still really sore even with the numbing cream. so they gave me a shot of litocaine first and that helped. it was a very odd feeling to have the port needle go through my chest, hard to describe, but unlike anything i have felt before. and it wasn't super fun, i can tell you that. but it should get easier once my port area heals up some more and isn't so sore.

my oncologist is not currently worried about all of the swelling since my kidney and liver are looking good. if i start to have some other side effects (i will spare you), then we might be worried my thyroid is having issues and that would likely show up in my bloodwork anyways. so he gave me the green light for treatment.

we will likely go through a couple more rounds of treatment (if my liver cooperates) and then do scans. if we are seeing that the tumors are shrinking, then we may stay the current course. if the tumors are the same, then we may introduce the second drug back in (at a lower dose) and see if my body can take it.

the infusion went pretty much as planned for the day. i took this picture once i was hooked up and the meds were pumping through my port.

after treatment, we grabbed some food and then we came and i crashed for a couple of hours.

long day.

but a good one because round 2 is in the books.

and hopefully those tumors are getting worked over as i type this.

thanks for all of the love, prayers and support.

we couldn't do this without our village.

that much i know for sure.

goodnight all, and have a good tuesday.


  1. - Dear Alli's liver: Thank you for for cooperating today. Very much appreciated!
    - Dear Alli: Thank you for making us all feel like slackers. You are amazing.Reading through your posts and seeing you even cover for an out-of-the-office co-worker last week is crazy.
    - Dear Alli's daughter: I'm sorry you have such over achiever parents. But yet, I'm so happy for you to have such awesome parents.
    - Dear Alli's husband: it's ok not to answer the phone, specially if you know it's someone (me) that just wanted to vent about work.
    - Dear everyone reading this blog: I feel compelled to tell you that if you sat a few cubicles away from Alli, you would be even more impressed. You already know she's so inspiring, but you don't see her in action every day. Working and fighting every day. Every day.

    Anyway, I'm so excited round 2 is on the books. We were thinking of you. We're here to help you fight. Fight on!

  2. Just wondering how you're doing. I realized you haven't posted in a few weeks and I'm thinking of you.