Tuesday, September 6, 2016

next steps

long time, no write.

i am going to keep this one short tonight because i am (shocker) really tired and want to get some sleep.

i wanted to give you a quick update on my appointments today.

i had a scan today and it showed that all of the spots (minus the nodules) have cleared off of my lungs. which was good news. so it was likely walking pneumonia or some other type of infection i had and the antibiotics took care of it.

the nodules on my lungs did not increase in size since the last scans which is also really good.

so treatment will be a go on friday.

on friday i will also go through a procedure to have a port put in my chest so that from now on my treatments, blood draws, and contrast injections can happen through the line connected to my port instead of having to get my arms poked each and every time. i will explain about that procedure and the port more in another post this week.

so friday will be a big and long day.

besides all that i have going on friday with my appointments, it is also the day of the stand up to cancer show on friday night. i hope you will watch, and if you can, donate.

here comes wednesday. make it a good one.

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