Monday, July 9, 2012

this i know

today did not end up how i thought it would, for probably the hands-down best reason possible.

i will give you more details tomorrow when it isn't 11:34pm and i just got home from an unexpected whirlwind trip to portland and back. i am so tired i might actually get a little bit of sleep tonight. that would be an extra bonus to this already fabulous day.

here is a hint about the unexpected change of plans in my day...sometimes getting on a waiting list is the absolute best idea you can ever have. sometimes it just all works out.

yep, no dermatologist appointment today. that appointment will now occur on friday the 20th.

i got to fulfill a dream today.

sometimes dreams really do come true.

this i know.

+++ thank you so much for all of the good vibes and mojo that you all are sending my way. i can feel it working, it might even corrupt the scan machine tomorrow since i will have so much good energy radiating from me. maybe the good energy will crack those damn ceiling tiles too;)
+++ kerry - you make the best (and i mean THE BEST) pumpkin bread in the universe. you need to open a bakery asap. please. i am begging.
+++ kadeena - you lit it up like the big box of crayolas.
+++ jill - you rock, can't wait to dive in and start turning the pages and am super excited about my good luck charm.
+++wallace - i think that taffy from nj can only bring good vibes and sunshine so i am ready to try it out.
+++ chris - i could have ate that entire container of brownies between tacoma and sammamish. but i didn't. but i could have.

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