Sunday, July 15, 2012

a mile for melanoma

on saturday morning the three of us did a one mile walk to support melanoma research on the seattle waterfront. we had heard about the walk when we went to the melanoma clinic earlier this year, but i knew the walk was going to fall on the weekend after my scans. honestly, i didn't know if i would feel up to doing it, so i didn't register or tell anyone about it but kept it as a possibility in the back of my mind.

on thursday i decided that the three of us should do it. i felt like it would be something that we could do to mark this week and circle the wagons a bit. i am not sure why i made that final decision. i think that a big part of it is that i needed to do something productive before the 16th rolled around. two years ago tomorrow is when i got the call.

i am as anxious this year as i was last year. i know it will be ok, but that part of my brain is constantly being overriden by the other part that knows that the 16th hasn't been so kind to me before.

i thought about the 16th when we were on the walk, but mostly i thought about how glad i  was that the three of us were together and that the long week was winding down.

+++ barrett & i getting ready to start walking

+++ malena & baby getting ready to start riding
+++ the fog was thick and low on the waterfront

+++ a spider web with a little morning dew

+++ i liked this image with the space needle included but not obvious at first glance

+++ malena enjoying a granola treat after her long ride

+++ we ended with a little walk through myrtle edwards park where we saw this peice of art and the red really stood out against the dull morning sky
i will be happy when my derm appointment is over on friday, if i leave with no stitches. if there is a biopsy, i will be happy when the results come back clean. i not going to consider the other option as i think that i am due for a break, and some sleep, soon.

hope your weekends were as great as mine. xo.

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  1. Alli, thanks for the update. Thinking of you right now and tomorrow and the very important next day!!.. Maybe we can chat this week??
    Loves to you. EM