Monday, April 24, 2017

for jennifer + my buddies in wisconsin

"you can do this"
(self - print by life love paper

tomorrow jennifer has a 7am check in for surgery.

so tomorrow (tuesday) is definitely a day that i need you to pull out all the stops on your love, mojo and prayers like you normally do.

so let's hope that the surgery goes well, they find that the cancer has not been on the move, and they only have to take what they absolutely have to take around her organs.

that is what we hope for.

thank you to all who have signed up for the happy mail campaign for jennifer. if you would still like to participate (you can sign up anytime), you can check out all the details here.  we are going to make some happy mail magic happen for this girl, that is for sure.

i will write more later this week about the latest with me, psych appointments, crazy balance problems, the anxiety (oh, the anxiety), swelling, lack of memory, not being able to drive myself due to meds for what feels like the 4th month in a row, etc.

but all that is going on with me pales in comparison to what we really need to focus on tomorrow.

and that is jennifer.

thanks in advance for all the love you will send to her and her awesome (one of my most favorite people in this whole entire universe) husband michael and their families.

anywhere cancer fighters fight,

you fight.

tomorrow is an early morning start on the jennifer's latest fight.


important request: i would also appreciate you sending you love and prayers to my friends the pattersons in wisconsin who had two traumatic losses in the last three days. one a beloved aunt to cancer and another a beloved cat to cancer. they could most certainly use love too. thanks for sending it their way, i know they appreciate it. xoxo

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