Monday, November 14, 2016

long day

today was a long one.

i forgot to put on my numbing cream this morning and so getting the injection of litocaine was a little more painful that normal. but not too bad. but just enough discomfort that i won't forget next time.

my bloodwork was looking good -- all my organ functions are still in the normal range. super happy about that. so treatment was a go.

we talked about my side effects and i will stay on the diuretics as they seem to be helping with the swelling. we talked about my joint aches increasing and developing arthritis which can be a side effect of this treatment. which i knew when we started. but hopefully that isn't what is starting to happen and my joint aches don't get to the point that i am not able to do normal things. right now it is just uncomfortable due to my shoulders/hips/legs being so achy, but i can function - i went running yesterday so i can do it. it just makes everything a little bit harder. but i am used to harder.

regarding my leg, the lump seems to be a bit bigger so my oncologist wants me to see my dermatologist. i will see him on friday. i would guess that we will do a biopsy on friday, and i would guess that it will be a large one. since is on my lower leg, i hope that the amount of stitches won't prevent me from running. but like with everything, we shall see.

my infusion went normally and was about the typical 2 hour process.

after the infusion, i changed from my sweats and hoodie to work clothes. i had a work meeting that couldn't be scheduled on another day and i couldn't miss it. so barrett and i went and got some lunch and then i headed to the meeting that i had to lead. it was hard to concentrate and i was so tired, but my friend who was in the meeting assured me that no one would have had a clue that i had just come from cancer treatment (and i choose to believe she is telling me the truth;)).

after that we picked up malena and headed home. i kept an appointment for a hot sauna and we had a low key night.

i had to get ready for my meeting so i didn't get to sleep during the infusion. so today has been a really long day and i am so tired and my body hurts.

it was a day full of changing roles. being a mom and getting her lunch packed and getting her to school. being a cancer patient and getting an iv in my port, getting poked and prodded. hearing the hum of the infusion machine for an hour. talking about side effects, biopsies, liver counts, potassium counts, heart rates, fatigue. being a work professional and leading a meeting with my client. being a friend while on the phone with one of my best girls. then back to being a mom and wrapping up our day with homework and the routines of our weeks.

so off to bed i go. 

i hope that your mondays were good ones.

i got another infusion and another shot at kicking the tumors where it hurts.

so that makes for a good day for me.

my girl turns 8 this week, and my guy turns 38.

all the motivation i need to consider today a good day.

thanks for all the love and support.

anywhere i fight, you fight.

and there is still a hell of a lot of fighting to be done. xo


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