Sunday, November 13, 2016


well here we go.

another treatment day.


we will also get confirmation on what we will do, if anything, about my leg. based on the ultrasound results, my oncologist wanted to wait and see. i will talk with him tomorrow about whether it makes sense to have my derm take a look and potentially biopsy that spot. since the ultrasound indicated it wasn't a mass (and therefore likely not a tumor) that is a relief. but i don't like feeling the lump in my leg so i think that i would just prefer to get it out. but we will see what he says tomorrow and go from there.

the side effects continue on. this week my joints are really sore so not sure if that is something that now will be ongoing as a side effect or just a related effect to this cold that i can't seem to kick. the swelling, dry mouth, muscle spasms continue. the fatigue continues to increase but that is to be expected as i take more doses.

i hope that you all had good weekends. ours was good. saw "trolls" and loved it. had camp outs. sat in our hot tub. i had a sauna appointment. read my current book. tickle fights. shopping with malena. lunch at one of our favorite spots. swim lessons. a friend's birthday party. celebrating a friends birthday at one of our favorite breakfast spots. malena and i trying out a new s'mores recipe we made up and cracking ourselves up while we did it. hugs and some laughter. it was a good one.

happy monday all, i will let you know how the day goes.

anywhere i fight, you fight.

#6 we are coming for you. xo