Wednesday, June 8, 2016

because if it isn't one thing.....

"those mountains you are carrying, you were only supposed to climb."
(naswa zebian)

+++ the swelling has now got into its own cycle --- the elephant legs start to kick in at about 7pm, and at about 9pm i take benadryl (usually what feels like my 30th pill of the day) and prop my feet up on about 10 pillows. by morning the swelling is down and we begin the routine all over again. good times. but it is what it is so i am just rolling with it like everything else. and if late at night you think the thunder is rolling in, nope, it just me getting a glass of water. boom boom boom.

+++ because there isn't quite enough going on with us getting ready to move, me constantly not knowing how i will feel from one moment to the next, now our fridge decides to go out. so we are officially trying to figure that problem out and have fans going, shelves pulled out, you name it. yep, looks like total chaos around here -- but at this point, all you can do is laugh and go with it. dinner out every night until we move? yep, sounds good to me;)

+++ and because things go from everything will be ok to everything feels totally *(&! i wanted to note that emily mcdowell has launched some new goods. as you know, i love - love - love her empathy cards. i now also love this magnet and you better believe i will be ordering one and putting it at the top of my fridge (where 7 year old eyes can't quite see it;)). from her collection, i also love this card which i got from a friend and i will be framing, and this print (swoon). i also (because i could keep going pretty much all night) think this manifesto is the best (insert thumbs up emoji here). so good. oh, and this card;) or this one (the hamster part cracks me up).

+++ had a hair appointment today and was pretty happy to still have hair to get cut. jeremy (my hair angel) could tell right away where my hair has started to fall out. it is probably only obvious to the two of us. i told him that i was just happy to still have enough for him to cut;) since i will still be on steroids for bit i should have hair by the next time my appointment rolls around so that is something to look forward to. i love the routine of being in the salon, reading a magazine, and having two hours to just kick it by myself.

+++ this weekend is the annual shore walk and beth and i are again co-captains for team "cancer you can suck it". the weather is looking good so far so hopefully we have a good day for the walk/run. there is still time if you want to join our team or donate to fred hutchinson cancer care research on behalf of our team and you can do so here.

+++ my awesome friend liz is having a great sale in her shop. if you are looking for a really special piece of jewelry or a little heart talisman or some other goodness she carries, click on to her site and make your day or someone else's a little brighter. i have a handful of the talismans that i carry with me to all of my appointments and scans, they always bring me comfort and i hold them in my hands for the drive over to seattle.

have a good thursday peeps. minus the 10+ hours of work that mine is going to include, it is also going to include some time with friends and some time with my sister and niece. looking forward to all of that (minus the work part).

make it a good one.

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