Sunday, March 6, 2016

last week

"remember forward movement.
forward is the way of trust.
forward is the way of forgiveness.
forward is the way of action.
forward is the way of healing.
forward is essentially life"
(victoria erickson)

last week was a bit of a major doozy.

work and volunteering at malena's school kept me super busy and i felt like i was going in a million different directions. probably because i was.

hence, not much time to connect in this space last week, hoping that is a little better this week.

so although i could have worked for all of it, i did zero work over the weekend because i needed the down time to rest and get my energy back for another crazy week.

the weekend was full but good.

helping a friend pack while simultaneously catching up on life (and seeing some of her high school pics and feathered bangs was just an extra bonus). sleeping in (which means not getting up at 5am to do work). both days, and loved it. lunch with girlfriends. seeing the movie "zootopia" (you should stop what you are doing right now, including reading this blog, and go see that movie - it was so good/funny/inspiring for kiddos (and adults)). catching up on top chef while drinking a cold cider. selling girl scout cookies. getting 7 miles of walking in. dinner tonight with beth to celebrate her birthday. time in my craft room. watching our mermaid do tons of laps during her swim lessons.  sending some happy mail. drinking my green teas.

we packed it in this weekend but it was all good things.

just like weekends are supposed to be.

have a good monday peeps, here we go again.

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