Thursday, December 3, 2015

the waiting....

the waiting continues.

i didn't get the scan results today, so hopefully tomorrow we will know.

so we are in the waiting period.

the oh so nerve wracking waiting period.

as i predicted, it took multiple attempts to get my iv in yesterday.

having them push the needle with no luck, on a stomach that has been empty for over 12 hours, was not a good time.

it was about 4 hours long by the time the scans wrapped. so although by that time i didn't feel great, i also was a little hungry since it had been about 20 hours since i had ate anything.

we got home, and i crashed. was lights out for a couple of hours, was able to give malena one quick hug (all that is allowed due to the radiation) and went back to bed (hence no post last night, was just too tired to do anything).

beth has her appointment tomorrow at 1. please send her your prayers, love and mojo. i know these results are going to be crystal clean, but just for extra insurance, send her your mojo too;)

i know that she says thank you, and so do i. xo

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