Sunday, September 13, 2015


our plumbing drama has continued on.

wet walls. wet floors. and then folks that were supposed to help to start to dry things out created an even bigger problem. it is amazing the problems that can be caused by one little hose not being connected to a drain like it should have been, and instead pumping water right back into the room you are trying to dry out. ugh.

crazy how your life starts to look very differently the moment that you determine that you need to shut off all water in your house, that the fans running to try and dry out rooms sound like a jet engine, and your home suddenly becomes an entirely different place.

nerves frayed and stress levels climbing high.

but in between all of that chaos, the most important things shine through.

beth got good news on friday and her tests results came back clean. so thankful for that news, exactly what we were all hoping for.

even in the midst of everything else going on, that makes friday a great day.

i have no clue what this week is going to look like for us.

but here we go.

i hope this is a good week for you, and may the plumbing fates be good to you;)

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