Thursday, September 10, 2015

just what you need

wednesday night.

your daughter wants to play tag so you are running around your house.

you run into one of your downstairs room and it is like running into a full on rain puddle.

you immediately realize you have a big problem.

busted pipe.

wet carpets. wet walls. wet floor.


your night quickly changes direction to calls to insurance and claim adjusters.

you go to bed a bit frazzled and trying to figure out how your thursday is going to look.

you wake up and you have text from one of your favorite people that has a link and simply says "good morning. you are welcome"

without even having a clue of what is going on, your friend makes you laugh and you realize that whatever your day ends up like, it started with a really good laugh so it can't be that bad.

if you need a laugh too, you should check out this ellen degeneres and jimmy fallon lip sync.

good morning and you are welcome.

1 comment:

  1. What PopPa was there doing some electrical work? Family joke. Hope you got it figured out.