Tuesday, September 8, 2015

hello september + good vibes for beth

ok, the game plan for this post was to kick off the fall with a great to do list for the month.

the problem is that apparently blogger hates me tonight and it is not letting me load the picture of the list.

maybe it is mad at me because i haven't been on here too much lately.

paybacks i guess.

but after trying to figure it out for about 5 minutes (beyond my patience threshold with blogger) i am moving on, and therefore making this just a little less interesting because you won't see it with my amazing photography (you know, the picture i took one shot of and called it good).

maybe blogger will let me load the picture when the month is done. but i am not holding my breath.

so here are the september to do's:
+++ run
+++ finish my book (currently reading "is everyone hanging out without me" by mindy kaling and it is really good/funny)
+++ send happy mail
+++ take a nap
+++ make popcorn
+++ celebrate family bdays
+++ get some pictures into albums
+++ try a new recipe
+++ make some cards
+++ take a nap, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
+++ drink a cider on my deck with the patio lights twinkling

as you can see, there are no specific numbers in any of these goals. yep, taking it easy this month and just focusing on the activities, not the miles or the pages. that is a much more important focus anyways, right? right.

also -- and really the most important part of this post - please send your good vibes/prayers/thoughts/mojo to my dear friend beth this week. she has a checkup round of tests this week to make sure that everything is going well, and she meets with her doctor on friday. i know, we all know that these tests are going to be just fine and squeaky clean, but just for some extra insurance, let's send the love her way anyways.

happy wednesday peeps, we are already half way there, how awesome is that?

pretty awesome if you ask me.

thanks for asking.

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