Tuesday, August 11, 2015

smart cookie

i found this sweatshirt tonight when i was shopping to support my local economy;)

i kind of totally think that is the best sweatshirt ever. of all time.

how great would it be if ever woman and girl wore it --- and more importantly, believed it.

now that would be a really great day.

so of course i left the store as the proud owner of a new sweatshirt.

because they are days that i feel like a pretty smart cookie, and there are days that i don't. so on both of those kinds of days, this sweatshirt will be some good inspiration.

on the way home from finding the dream sweatshirt, i heard macklemore and ryan lewis' new song "growing up" (featuring ed sheeran) for the first time. oh man, i love this song.

love the advice for his baby girl.

love that he acknowledges that he is still growing up himself.

aren't we all?

yes we are.

you can trust me on that.

i am a smart cookie after all.

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