Friday, August 21, 2015


i had heard weeks ago that jimmy carter had been diagnosed with cancer.

it is always hard to hear about cancer because you just do not want anyone to have to ever have to deal with it.

it was yesterday when i heard that jimmy had been diagnosed with melanoma and that it was stage iv. and that it had spread to his brain.

that makes it even harder.

hearing about someone being diagnosed with the same cancer is really difficult. for many reasons.

if like me, you actually hadn't thought about melanoma that day, it brings it all to the surface. you hear the statistics. the focus on it being stage iv and that stage iv is not good and almost always terminal. you hear people speculate that he probably won't have much time. you hear all of the things that you make you want to crawl into a teeny tiny ball under your covers.

so i am sending my good thoughts to jimmy today.

i am also also sending love and prayers to my friend judy and her entire family as she undergoes another surgery today to keep on fighting cancer.

please send your love, good vibes, and prayers to both of them.

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