Sunday, April 7, 2013

for chase, part viii

please continue to send all of your good thoughts and prayers to chase that he finds his way to fight through this and back to his mom and dad. as i did yesterday, i am going to let the updates today speak for themselves. i don't think that a minute goes by that i don't think about chase. i know that you can do this little man, you are a fighter and i know that there is more fight in you. carry on, little warrior, carry on. we are sending you all of our love and prayers. rest well tonight. xoxo

+++ good morning sunshine - "Chaser had a good night. He is still resting calmly and quietly on his back. Last night he slept, and slept hard. It was a restless sleep, as his muscles seem very tense. His breathing last night was a very deep, raspy sound, which could be from the breathing tube that we removed a couple of days ago. His breathing mask has been replaced with nasil breathing tube. His vitals have been steady with slight dips in blood pressure due to the sedation IV drip medicine we have him on. It is a balancing act between relaxing Chaser, but keeping him alert enough so his lungs remain active, and his blood pressure stays up. We are going to push his feeding tube deeper into his stomache- this is so if he throws up, he will not be throwing up feeds, and he can continue to get nourishment. So today were looking to find the right mixture of the muscle relaxer, positioning to make Chaser comfortable, and for his trachial infection to show signs of healing. He is now starting another ACS treatment to get the fluids shook up and suctioned out. Mom and Dad got plenty of needed rest. The Sun is up shinning brightly outside our room, we are refreshed ready to tackle this day and help our Warrior regain control of this fight."

+++ callin all angels - "Our Warrior Chaser needs your prayers now more than ever..... We just met with the Doctor and she gave us a crushing medical prospective.....We have done everything we can to keep him off the breathing tube so he could communicate with us. A yelp, Sound, a sigh.....anything. But Chaser hasn't done any of that yet. His movements, posture tend to be more automatic than reactive... He remains under sedition to relax him, and help keep his breathing and heart beat down. Bottom line is.....clinically speaking, this may very well be as good as it gets... They have scheduled an MRI for Tuesday or Wednesday to get visual proof of the doctors bitterly grim, but seemingly realistic potential conclusion. Please Pray for Lisa and I as we struggle to find the strength to deal with the conversation, as we still hold on to our faith and hope, and try and make some kind of sense of this situation, as we deal with the what ifs.... I know there was a reason for all of this, but right now I struggle to feel any kind of comfort in the outlook, other than Chase is here with us now....Lord, for that I am grateful. Come on Warrior, its time to give us a sign, give us your fight- we really need it right. Chase.....I love you. Mommy loves you! We all Love you. Show us you are hear with us....Oh Lord please hear our prayers........"    

+++ theres always a bright side - "Chaser is resting peacefully, his heartbeat and oxygen level good. His breathing sounds good. Earlier he had another ASC treatment and another bronchial treatment. He did not seem to fight them as bad as the previous times. This may be due to the sedation medicine he is on.....or maybe he is getting used to it. His muscles are very tense, as he continues to "plank" as we call it every time he gets agitated. When he does this, his back arches up, his arms stiffen to the sides and his toes curl down. The doctors have explained that this could be another sign of extensive brain damage. Mom and Dad continue to read your posts to him, and give him verbal and physical encouragement. He does appear to have kicked his fever, as it has only rose a couple times today, but no ice or tylenol needed! Amidst all of the negative diagnosis we are getting, lack of signs from chase, and unwanted thoughts.....Lisa and I are doing well! I feel very strong positive energy and continue to be optimistic on this situation. We definitely feel your prayers and know that God is with us. His feeding tube has been put deeper into his stomach closer to his intestine, as the xray has shown, in hopes that he will absorb better it and not bring it up again. He has been doing well for almost 2hrs! Our plan is to increase the dosage he receives every four hours. So far, so good! Eat up Chaser, get your energy, we have a battle to fight here!"    

+++ tomorrow is a new day - "Man today has been a tough day on all of us, including Chase. We have been fighting to find a position in the bed that he is comfortable and that we can get his vitals to remain steady. His temperature remains to stay clear of a fever most of the day, with only a few brief spikes. The mucus in his throat seems to be getting thicker. We have given him another ACS treatments to break it up and clear it out. It is really an uphill battle. The nurses have put a plastic tray over his mouth with a built in tongue suppressor to keep him from bitting his tongue, and make it easier to clean his throat out. It has been in for a couple hours now and he seems to have accepted it. It may keep him from biting his tonque, but it sure amplifies his breathing issues. I did have another answer to prayer today. I got to hold Chase! I sat in the recliner as his fragile body lay across mine, my cheek to his, stroking his was that awesome! Lord, I thank you for that moment, I really thank you...........We recieved another blow to this crazy emotional ride we have been on. One of the nurses that we have really gotten to know well, and have developed a close relationship with, gave it to us straight- again, this might be as good as it gets. One of the biggest hurtles we are trying to overcome right now is Chase is unable to swallow. The fluid is building up in his throat, making his breathing difficult and allowing this fliud to build up. We are doing our best to focus on the positve, we still cling to our faith and hope to give us strength....but i'm gonna be honest- today it is tuff. Chases eyes have remained closed all day, which may mean he is more comfortable. I am hoping for a good night, and look forward to seeing Gods bright light of the sun throw the crack in the window in the morning. Chaser I know your tired, I know you have been through a lot, but we are here for you and will always be for you. I will NEVER give up, so listen to me chase, dont you!"  


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