Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Surreal and Celebration of Life/ Blog info

It still seems so surreal.  Like she has been on a vacation and should be walking through the door anytime now to give Malena and I a hug and a kiss.  We have had some rough spots and some smiles as we take things day by day.  I have gone to write a blog a couple times but I just can't seem to get my fingers to type what is going through my head.  I'm sure part of that is that it does seem surreal, like a bad dream I should be waking up from, but if I write it down then it has happened.  I keep thinking back to a blog Alli wrote long ago where she said something to the effect of its okay you don't know what to say I don't either.  I'm sure I will get my fingers to type in the coming time, they just don't know what to say yet.

I did want to share one detail with all of you about the celebration of life.  Alli meant so much to so many people and you all meant so much to her.  I want people to be able to share their stories of her; of all the nice things and inspiration she provided; of the interactions she had with people; of the amazing person she was from growing up, to school, to work... just everything in life.  At an attempt of levity... although it might not be too far off... the challenge is we might be there for a week or longer if everyone she did a nice things for came up to say something.  So at the celebration of life it will only be family speaking at the service but I still want people to be able to share and more importantly I want Malena to know all those stories people have with Alli and what she meant to everyone.

The best solution I have to solve that challenge is to use this platform for sharing.  In lieu of opening up the mic, I am going to open up the blog.  If you have a story, an inspiration, a nice thing she did, etc that you wanted to share please email to  Include the blog title as well as the write-up with any pictures and I will start posting them here after the celebration of life.  It doesn’t matter if they are short or long, as long as they are genuine that is what matters.

I want Malena to be able to read about Alli, her stories, and her inspiration to others.  When she has a bad day as a teenager or she has a milestone in her future that she wants to celebrate; I want her to be able to read about her mom if she thinks that will make her day better or to celebrate an accomplishment that much more.  I always hear that we are telling our kids as a warning that what you but out on the internet lives forever.  I hope that comes that is true for this.  d


  1. This makes my heart smile through the sadness. This option leaves a meaningful legacy for Malena (and you too). Praying for continued healing for everyone.♥

  2. Love it! You might reach the maximum number of characters on a blog. ;)

  3. What a wonderful keepsake for you and Malena. I find myself rereading many of Alli's blog entries. My heart knows she's at peace but my head needs her words to remind me to enjoy each good day.

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