Monday, November 13, 2017

this day by the numbers

(print by

i am going to choose to believe that is true which is why i bought the print.

this was one hell of a long day.

injection of litocaine to numb my port area.

placement of needle into my port.


walk through of all the clinical trial paperwork with my doctor and the research staff.

asking questions.

signing my consent form and all that comes with agreeing to that with my signature.

two ekgs of my heart.

one more round of bloodwork.

infusion of my normal drug over an hour.

ten minute flush of my port system.

infusion of iron over 30 minutes (iron levels are low).

another ten minute flush of my port system.

waiting 30 minutes at the pharmacist for refills of my anxiety drugs.

2 hours of work in the office.

3 meetings.




sauna appointment.

writing this post.

going to bed. hoping for no nightmares.

it has been a long one.

thanks for all the love and kindness.

anywhere i fight, you fight.