Monday, October 2, 2017


"if you happen to find yourself in the place
that hangs on the cusp of just this side of breaking,
hold on,
and ride that sweet spot until it spits you out or swallows you whole,
either way,
you're coming back filthy,
and filled with the answers you never knew you were seeking."
(nicole lyons)

the nurse getting the equipment ready to numb my port area and put the needle into my port. this is how my day starts on treatment days.

13 is in the books.

my bloodwork is holding steady.

i have one more round, then scans on the 27th, then scan results and treatment on the 30th.

i will write more soon but i am tired. i had to work after treatment, then headed home, then to a girls scouts mom meeting, and now to bed.

a long day.

but, my organs are cooperating, so long day or not, i am super thankful for that.

anywhere i fight, you fight.


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