Sunday, April 3, 2016

this week

scan week.

here we go again.

wednesday morning scans.

wednesday afternoon results.

that is going to be a long day, because i will feel like hell in between.

but i will only have to wait a few hours for the results and i am thankful for that.

it is hard to believe that it is this time again. i feel like i am still trying a bit to get my feet under me and get my bearings after my surgery.

when i got the schedule, april 6th seemed so far away even though it was really only like 7 weeks. but any stretch of time i can get between scans and tests can seem like a long time to me when i am at the start of it. and then it quickly passes, each day dropping away, and then before i know it i am walking into seattle cancer care and heading in for the scans and the routine that comes with them.

this blog.

i miss writing here, i just can't seem to find my way back to it like i always have.

i am not sure why it feels so different this time around to find the words to write here.

it just does.

so we will see how it unfolds as i move through this week and beyond.

thanks for all of the love and prayers, they bring me a lot of comfort in these sleepless nights.



  1. Covering you in prayer and sending you tons of hugs this week and always.

  2. I was late getting my happy mail out to you today but it should arrive in 6 days. Hopefully Saturday-fingers crossed. Thinking about you lots!