Wednesday, March 23, 2016


i actually can't remember when the last time i posted was. last week? the week before? no clue.

life has been busy these last couple of weeks and i haven't yet had a chance to catch my breath and get back to this space. i keep thinking that it is going to happen and it hasn't.

so tonight i am making it happen.

work has been crazy busy.

we are making decisions on whether we are going to sell our house and move.

we are finally tackling some of the things that we have needed to tackle for a while (eeeeeerrrrrr, years).

of course, all of these things happen at the same time.

we are having to watch from the sidelines my grandma move from her home to a studio apartment at a facility that can help her as needed. those transitions, even when having to watch from the sideline because we aren't geographically close enough to be there every day to help, are tough. they signal the milestone changes that come as those you love get older.

it has been interesting watching that transition with my grandma because i don't often think about being in my nineties. if i do, it is fleeting and i imagine myself as happy and doing well. but because i tend to think of life in chunks of months, i don't think that far ahead because i am so focused on the here and now.

in the here and now, it will be a scan day for me two weeks from today. that same day will be the results day.

so in addition to life being busy, i am also in the pre-scan dreaded countdown.

but that is in two weeks and we have a lot of fun planned in between now and then.

i hope that this finds you all doing well, and i promise to not go mia for such a long stretch again.

happy thursday, we are almost to my friday peeps.

and we are one day closer to jelly beans. (important sidenote: jolly rancher jelly beans are the very best kind you can eat. trust me. you are welcome.)

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