Monday, March 17, 2014

the 2014 shore walk

on saturday, my awesome sister-in-law and her family and friends hosted their annual bunco party to raise donations for our 2014 shore walk team.

they do such an amazing job. tons of great food and drinks. awesome raffle prizes. lots of fun all the way around.

this year there were 32 women that came for the bunco fun, and in just under three hours over $1200 was raised for our "alli's angels" team!!! our team is off to a great start!!

 betsy making her world famous daquiris
my sis-in-law's famous taco dip (that i had already dived into) and my cold cider (yum)
 my friend sharon (you all have rooted for her many times) as she also likes to kick cancer in the you-know-what
 the fabulous ladies who hosted the bunco event, love these girls

when we first started doing the shore walk, it felt like a way to do something positive related to cancer which felt like such a negative. for me it felt like a way to show melanoma that i would keep fighting, and keep walking, for as long as it takes to find a cure. i still walk for those reasons. but i also walk for all of those that are fighting all kinds of cancer, both for those that i know and for those that are strangers. for everyone that is in the fight, for those that have finished their fight. we walk for them all.

if you would like to walk with us this year (or run as there are also 5 and 10k runs), you can sign up at you can also donate to our team "alli's angels" on that page as well.

anywhere i walk, you walk.

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  1. Terry and I wish we could be there for the Shore walk. Unfortunately your shore is on the wrong coast for us. However, we will be with you in spirit. We will also donate to your team if we can figure out how to put "alli's angels" in the donation cosponsor field of the website. Have a great time. Steve & Terry