Sunday, March 25, 2012


wow. this was a fast one, as they always are.

i told you we had a few things to do, and here are a few highlights:
-i found the perfect space in my craft room to hang this new angel from my mom-in-law. it is a kelly rae roberts piece and she said that it reminded her of me because the "tell your story" made her think of my blog. love it. thanks jo!
- we went to our favorite coffee shop for our gluten free goodies, apple juice, and an easter cookie with sprinkles;)

- bike riding in the sunshine
- hitting wiffle and real golf balls in the sunshine in our front yard and at a driving range, i will let you decide who you think hit them at each place;)
- detailed my car, i wouldn't say that was on the "fun" list - more like the "necessary" list - but i am loving it being so clean
- my massage, 90 minutes of heaven - i was a wet noodle leaving there. awesome.
- red mango pomegranate frozen yogurt. yum yum.
- discovering really tasty macaroni and cheese mixed with spinach at flying apron - i think (actually pretty much know) that it could (will) turn into a new addiction. so good.
- girl time in the craft room making cards
- malena decided that she doesn't need naps anymore...another transition begins.
- malena realized that she is an awesome driver (those skills are from her mom)
- i drooled (literally i think) over the new restoration hardware spring 2012 catalog. i tried to convince barrett that we should buy all new furniture for our house. for some reason, he didn't think that was such a good plan. bummer.
- in the catalog, on the first page they had this quote from steve jobs "if you live each day as if it were your last, someday you'll most certainly be right." so true.
- hit jamba juice for malena's favorite mango drink (thanks aunt megan!)
- swim lesson, our last one before malena (our mermaid who is all about swimming and diving these days) moves on up to the next series
- poured over a new craft magazine and got inspired for some new card designs (hi abby!)
- i got my fred hutchinson newsletter and there was a story on the shore run/walk. great statistic - the event has raised $2.5 million for cancer research over the years. awesome.

- i think that malena would love making these cupcakes
- we are going to take malena to see thomas the train this summer, can't wait! choochoo...
- crystal, beth, kristen - so excited to have you on the team!! woohoo!
- these scones look so good
- love that this designer does all of the small touches on her dolls herself
- excited to check out this blog, saw this recipe from the site and thought that malena would think it was so fun to make those cookies - have to put them on our "to bake" list

we begin again...hello monday.

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