Sunday, January 14, 2018

the angels among us, my friend jenny

"she will rise with a spine of steel and a roar like thunder"
(nicole lyons)

meet my awesome friend jenny.

today she ran a half marathon and dedicated each mile to someone she was going to think about and pray for during that mile.

i was one of the people that she dedicated a mile to.

what a huge honor.

she asked each of us to send her a detailed list of the things that we would ask her to pray for us while she ran our dedicated mile.

if you look in the top picture, you will see my name next to a heart on her left forearm. 

i first met jenny years ago when i attended a retreat that she too was at.

i could tell from the moment that i met her that she was awesome and a person that i would hope to be friends with a for a long time to come.

lucky, lucky me that is how it has turned out.

she made a goal to do this and she did it.

and she thought about others the entire way.

i asked her when she was done today how it went.

she told me that it helped her to see how many of us have big issues to deal with and hearts as big as can be.

i would say the same about her.

i am surprised her heart can even fit in her chest it is so big and is clearly demonstrated daily by the way she loves.

so today i was again reminded that they are angels that have physically left us, but there so many angels that are right here with us cheering us on.

what a comforting thought to end this day on.

the quote above could have been wrote specifically for jenny.

it fits her to a tee.

how lucky i am to call her a friend - and an inspiration.

i thank my lucky stars every day.

jenny - you rocked it today. i know that myself, and so many others, are so damn proud of you. i hope that you are just as damn proud of yourself.

keep kicking ass as only you can.

love, one of your biggest (and numerous) fans.