Monday, August 7, 2017


i am currently laying in the hospital bed waiting for my drugs to come so that we can start the infusion.

the results of the scans were that the tumors have not changed, no shrinkage. they have stayed essentially the same. there were no new growths that were detected on the scans.

so i am very thankful that there are no new growths, that is a great thing. i am thankful that the tumors have not grown.

i would be lying if i said it is disheartening after all these treatments and the side effects that they have not shrunk at all.

so, i will move forward with this treatment and for the next three months and then we will do scans and see what things are. there is a clinical study going on but i would only qualify if my tumors grow, but they are seeing good results from that study with the meds they are using.

thanks for all of the love and prayers, keep them coming.

anywhere i fight, you fight.



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