Monday, January 23, 2017

round 2 + lumps + good vibes for kim

bravery is rarely about doing something bold.
the most brave act is often a quiet, internal moment when we sit in great discomfort,
close our eyes,
and gently whisper,
'i will stay'
(laura mckowen)

my liver is on a serious good behavior streak and i appreciate that.

my liver levels are status quo and haven't moved at all. and that my friends is what i call magic.

i got a prescription today for the skin issue that i am having and we are hoping that some topical steroids on my skin will help do the trick. i have been having issues with my right arm being numb in the mornings when i wake up, and last night, it went numb during the middle of the night and hurt all night long (which translated into zero sleep for this kid). so i am hoping that it doesn't continue and that last night was an anomaly. my oncologist is not worried about it as long as it doesn't occur throughout the day, he thinks that maybe it is a localized joint issue from the treatment. so we shall see.

we were there for about 6.5 hours today which was short because i got called into infusion earlier than my start time so that was a nice little bonus on the day. as usual, i had great nurses to help me.

so i would like to say that was my only appointment for the week. but this weekend i found a small lump on my right side and one on my upper right leg. so tomorrow at 9am i go into my awesome dermatologist for him to take a look and determine if we need to do biopsies. so send my right side some good mojo until we see what happens. damn lumps and bumps. as my friend mary knows, any type of lump or bump when you are a melanoma patient sends you to your dermatologist asap.

i also wanted to ask for you to start kicking up your vibes, prayers, and mojo for my sister-in-law kim. next wednesday she is going in for her first surgery related to her breast cancer diagnosis in november. to help keep friends and family informed of how she is doing, i have started a caringbridge site for kim that i will keep updated to share updates as she kicks cancer's ass (up one side and down the other) this year. if you would like to follow her story, you can find more info here.

thank you for all of the mojo.

you all are the best.

in those moments when i close my eyes, that i know for sure. xo

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  1. That quote is so powerful! Feeling super proud of your liver ☺ Definitely sending all the love and prayers Kim's way!!!!