Monday, November 16, 2015

long day

today was a long one.

it took my first nurse about 20 minutes, both arms, and she could not get the iv in. she did my least favorite tactic of trying to move the needle around in my arm to get the vein to cooperate. it did not cooperate. i tried to be patient because i could tell she was nervous, relatively new, and that she too was wishing she could get it in. a second nurse eventually came over and finally the iv got in.

when they injected the contrast in my iv for the ct scan, i felt a huge wave of nausea and had to take some deep breaths because i thought that i was going to get sick in the machine. but the wave passed by and i was able to recover.

following that i got to have snacks with barrett and ellie. as usual, ellie knocked it out of the park with snacks - so good. i pretty much devoured everything in my sight as i was really hungry and it felt like the food was helping to keep the nausea at bay.

next up was my brain mri. best part of that was that there were different ceiling tiles in that room which had palm trees on them, and for a brief second, i thought about hawaii and not being that room. i was in the mri machine for 30 minutes, that machine is so small and the noises are so damn loud that it is like a total assault on your senses.

and i got more contrast injected into my iv for the second time.

no rest for the weary.

by the time we got home, i was feeling miserable and went directly to bed.

finally got some good sleep for a couple of hours, and have been spending the evening with my family and quality time on my couch with my favorite blanket. kind of like linus from charlie brown.

heading back to bed again, hoping that i wake up feeling better in the morning.

results come on wednesday morning at 9am.

thanks for all of the vibes, prayers, and love.


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  1. Sorry to hear about the trouble with the IV - my daughter has the same issue, no fun! But glad that you were able to get through it all with good snacks and a blankie. Hope today is better and I know tomorrow is going to be great.

    Thanks again for sharing your journey with us.