Tuesday, June 23, 2015

psa #3 -- inside out

ok, i think that this post is my third in the (totally unplanned) series of public service announcments.

are you ready?

you need to go see inside out.

like maybe as soon as you finish reading this post. or call in sick tomorrow and go see a matinee (i won't tell on you, and buy yourself a treat at the snack bar while you are at it). or just go anytime you can because i feel like you kind of have to see this movie. 

we saw it tonight and loved it (can you tell?).

such a great movie to get you thinking in a new way about your feelings (joy, anger, sadness, disgust) and how memories shape your life. oh, and if you are a bit of an emotional sap (like yours truly), you might just shed a tear (or two). 

you don't need to have kids to see this movie. you were once a kid, you totally qualify to see this movie.

so go see this movie.

you will laugh, and you will thank me.

you are welcome (in advance).

end of psa #3. this psa does expire when the movie goes out of the theaters (lucky for you, it just opened so you have some time) but get on it already;)

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