Tuesday, July 8, 2014


there are nights when you go to a painting class with six of your girlfriends.

you see a blank canvas and paints and brushes and wonder where to begin.

so you just begin. and you keep painting. and you keep adding color. and you just keep going.

and through all of the colors and the lines and the dots you know that in the center of it all is going to be a little heart. but you just aren't sure how strong that heart is going to be, will it  be the focus, or will it be subtle and blend into its surroundings.

in the end it is a little heart holding its ground in the middle of a million pieces moving around it. and that feels right.

yep, sometimes you start with a blank canvas and you end with something that reflects how your little heart feels at times.

and you realize that on this day you were meant to paint.

and you kind of love that.

and so does your little heart.

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