Monday, April 27, 2015


oh monday,

sometimes you really get off to a crappy start.

i had to go in at the crack o' dawn today (if we had roosters in our yard they would have been making noise) and it was raining. ugh. i was in a foul mood already by 6am and not looking forward to a long day at work.

around mid-day, i walked to a meeting to find that the people had cancelled the meeting and not got the update to me. super frustrating as i do not appreciate having time wasted, especially when i have no less than one zillion (yes, one zillion) things to be doing at the office.

so when i left there i was in a super foul mood.

about one minute later, a man tripped me as he cut right in front of me on the sidewalk --- and then --- wait for it, wait for it --- rolled his luggage across my toes. yep, that was about the point in which i decided that i might just have a little meltdown on the sidewalk. i pretty much wanted to call it quits on the day (or at a minimum punch that guy's luggage bag).

but by this time the sun had come out, so i grabbed a green tea, and sat down on a bench for a couple of minutes. i thought about this podcast that i listened to last week and the guest's focus on "today is not over yet". i decided to have a little attitude adjustment and reminded myself that the day was still early and a lot of good could come from it. so i tried to leave my crappy attitude on the curb. i headed back into the office to try and take one or two things off of the one zillion on my to do list before my next meeting (while hoping that at the next meeting the people actually showed up for it).
fast forward to after work, and i had some happy mail waiting for me in my mailbox (thank you kirsten - xo) and some chocolate covered strawberries waiting for me on the front porch (thank you mary - xo). you guys know how i feel about happy mail:) malena and i packed up food for a picnic at the park and then kicked it in our craft room while waiting for the third hanson to make his way home.
we headed out to the park to eat our picnic by the water and see what the ducks were up to. it was a gorgeous night and it felt so good to be outside in the fresh air.
after a ton of trips down the slide and across the monkey bars, we headed home and i had just enough time to squeeze a training run in before the sun finally went down.

the day was definitely redeemed.

the attitude adjustment was completed.

sometimes mondays can start out a little rough, but they also have a lot of potential to turn out to be a damn good day.

this one definitely did.

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