Sunday, March 8, 2015

weekender + good vibes for mary

it has been a great couple of days (minus the work part of course).

we had a family date night on thursday and went to see the cirque du soleil.  it was so fun getting to watch malena take it all in and how her mouth would open up when the performers would do one of their incredible acts. pretty amazing to see the magic of it all through her eyes. we headed east of the mountains on friday for some ice skating, water slides (which my back and i are pretty sure we did a millon times) and s'mores by the campfire. we celebrated our good friend beth turning 40, so happy to be with her to mark the big occasion. a long training run in the beautiful sunshine today. selling girl scout cookies with malena and watching her get super excited when it was her turn to ask a customer if they would like to buy some cookies.


great days. tons of new memories. milestones celebrated. all good things, and i loved each moment of it. not ready for a monday to start.

but monday will come as they always do. on this particular one, please send your prayers, mojo, and good vibes to mary in wisconsin. she goes in for her scans on monday so that they can confirm that the melanoma has not spread (we all know that will be the result, right? right. but let's send those good vibes anyways for some extra coverage). you have got this mary, i know that without a doubt. you will knock this out with a surgery and send the black beast packing for the 7th time.

another week begins, here we go, hang on.

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